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WRECKSHOP FAMILY lyrics : "I Got Love"

(feat. Noke D)


Huh huh, this goes out to all the real ^!$$%z
Locked up, ^!$$%z in the street hustling to feed they family
Know I'm tal'n bout, it's real Noke D

[Hook: Noke D]
I got love, for ^!$$%z hustling the streets

Trying to stay up on they feet, trying to make they ends meet
I got love, for my ^!$$%z doing time
Locked down but they can find, with so much up on they mind

[Noke D]
I got love, for all my ^!$$%z in the street

Packing the heat, maintaining staying on feet
I'm number one in the ratings, that ^!$$% from BMT
And all those that hate me, I've been praying for you lately

I got L-O-V-E, for young and O.G.'s

Who run in controlled streets, sell dope just to eat
Born misunderstood, torn between bad and good
Raised up in the hood, trying to get paid like they should

[Noke D]
You can't fade me with reality %#@!, I live I love it

I push it I shove it, I grip it I hug it
It's tug of war, with this Southern superstar
About to let the whole wide world, know who we are

Dirty 3rd movie stars, country boys making noise

On a mission with a cause, what you hear came from God
You can hear it in my heart, see a soldier play his part
Each one teach one what he's taught, keep his son from getting caught

[Noke D]
Man it's a movement, we choose to use music to do it

And if that's too confusing, show love and gon Screw it


I got love, for ^!$$%z hustling the streets
Trying to stay up on they feet, trying to make they ends meet
I got love, for my ^!$$%z doing time

Locked down but they can find, with so much up on they mind
I got love, for my ^!$$%z on the block
Where the hustle never stop, ducking dodging the cops

I got love, for my ^!$$%z in the hood
My ^!$$%z doing bad, and my ^!$$%z doing good

I'm bout to reveal to you mother$#&@ers, the definition of real
It's when a ^!$$% refuse to face defeat, no matter how steep the hill

When a ^!$$% deal with responsibility, it come with getting older
Like carrying his friends his family, and the community on his shoulders
Cause he who get the paper, but never forget from where he came

That leave a lil' something behind, for his kids not just his name
It's he who learn to love, even the ones that hate
And he who knows to forgive, is to be forgiven for his mistakes


For ^!$$%z up on the cut, hustling hard to make a buck
Jackers bust real ^!$$%z do duck, not trying to see they life destruct

Some of these boys don't give a $#&@, some of these ^!$$%z out here is stuck
I'm grabbing the green and holding it up, inhale the smoke then dump the but
For all my ^!$$%z who up in the Penn, twirling they life in 5 to 10

No need to pretend I'm pouring up Gin, when ^!$$%z turn fake I blunted they chin
9 to 5 be on that job, 24/7 he praising the Lord
A lot of these ^!$$%z is scan'lous and fraud, but $#&@ what they say up on the teflon

Who is you to judge a G, where were you at when we needed to eat
Where were you when we were scared to sleep, but now you come trick beat your feet
I put my faith in G-O-D, and cats that put they faith in me

See lately the world is changing, prophecy's told and falsly claiming
Lyrically aiming for my dogs, I'm the light up in the fog
Up in this game I be's a hog, no time to stall they bound to fall
I'm moving a round that's made of brick, I told you this that %#@! that stick
I love my ^!$$%z my ^!$$%z is it, I got the ball so set the pick


[D-Gotti talking]
Yeah mayn, this for my ^!$$%z that had it hard

Them boys holding down a job, know I'm saying
^!$$%z in the gutter living like the mob man
We still getting it man, Wreckshop to the G-R-A-V-E baby
This Young Gott-O man, come on with it baby

[A3 talking]
For real mayn, this your boy A3 baby up in here mayn
We putting it down for all my ^!$$%z locked up behind them bars
You know I'm saying, my ^!$$%z on the corner
Trying to put food on the table, know I'm saying

This go out to them praying grandmothers and mothers mayn
Them fathers that do what they gotta do, keep ya head up baby
We got love for all y'all, get your bread


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