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WRECKSHOP FAMILY lyrics : "Hol-Up"

(feat. Mike Jones)


Hol' up (hol' up), we on Robatus'
We up in the lane, 22's on buck
Texas wreckless, iced out necklace

This is how we do it now, who's got plex


Boom who am I, I'm the Tanker
Everyday all day, gotta keep it gangsta
Down in the Dirty 3rd, where the boys play ya

Jumped out the wide body, to the Navigator
Just got the Escalade stretched, making million dollar bets
Eddy got my candy looking, dripping-dripping wet

I ain't tripping, never caught slipping
In the fo-do' lane switching, yeah I'm dipping
Hop and I'm skipping, yellow broad pimping

Jumped out starched jeans, J's and I'm limping
Flossing in Austin, Dallas, Laffeyette
ATL, Arkansas, Mississippi keep Screw up in they deck

[Hook x2]

[Mike Jones]
I got 22's and up, on my car and truck
Even though I'm behind tint, you still see my princess cuts

Because I hit the block and I grind daily, that's why I've been shining lately
No time to wine baby, if you wanna shine baby
22's when I roll up, big dollar signs I'ma fold up

That real drank I'ma po' up, in seven months I blowed up
Wreckshop-Swishahouse, when we talk close your mouth
Major without a major deal, we the hottest in the South

If it ain't purple stuff, don't put it in my cup
When "Who Is Mike Jones" drop, I'ma sew the game up
No time to play around, I hit the lab and I lay it down

I open mouth platinum smile, cause I got the platinum sound

[Big Moe]

I'm fly like an eagle, eagle
Flossing down when burning mayn, wood grain be sturning mayn
I'm a G like that you know, a ^!$$% named Big Moe

I'm crawling down slow, I'm down on tippie-toe
Rolling down on big car, I'm sipping on big bar
I'm thinking manage-tois, Moe-Yo thinking going far

In this rap game mayn, smoking on Mary Jane
Talking down mayn, I'm for my name mayn
I'm that ^!$$% Big M-O-E, from the hood yeah 1-2-3

I'm letting you know you can't talk down, ain't no plex with me
I'm balling mayn, chop-chop when I'm crawling mayn
Never ^!$$% be stalling mayn, Moe-Yo I be crawling mayn


Sitting fly like the Mag-wood, wheeling my Lac
The hood feeling the G-%#@!, Gotti spit up on tracks

Cause uh, just the other day I slung right up a pay
Cause see what gutter gain, now I'm 'bout to run the game
Throwed delay you holding grey, I'ma po' the drank boys know the name

D-Gotti one in the big old body, with the big old shotty just ain't gon change
18's on bang, beam on breaks on the Bulo'
If it ain't do-do, you could shove it up your culo

Kicking it like Judo, Kool-Aid'ing in the hood
Jacob ticking ice glistening, you hating we good
And I wish a ^!$$% would, look like he wanna take some'ing

Keep the tool for them crooks, a gangsta gotta pack some'ing
Lac bumping head black woman, with me
I'm sipping she sipping, we tipsy she finished

And I do it how it's pose to go, you know us
If you can't relate then, hoooool' up


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