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WRECKSHOP FAMILY lyrics : "All Up In My Space"

I ain't doing it, for no bull%#@!
But I'm in this (*##$ strapped if you gon die, you know I'ma pull quick

Could hit a innocent bystander, but naw
I'm pointing at the mother$#&@er, with the foul mouth
And y'all, ^!$$%z ain't nothing but hoes

Now just take it like a man, or get chased out the do'
Hit you everywhere but under your toes, under your clothes
Bleeding like a broad, on her cy-cycle

Beefing with a phsyco, about a soft blood
Outline in chalk, is the only outcome
How come you think, that y'all run sales

Couldn't get them ^!$$%z heaven, so I brought some hell
Oh well, shouldn't of been up in my space
Wasn't my fault he wasn't ducking, shouldn't up been up in my face

Misplaced slugs, all up in a playa body
Was like the roof on fire, flames slugs from the shotty
And uh D-Gotti, not the one for those games

But if you wanna make the news, you won't play see I'm saying ^!$$%

[Hook: x2]

Get on, 'fore you get %#@!ted on
Stay up in your place, if you wanna live long
Why you all up in my space, why you all up in my space

^!$$% better back-back, 'fore I catch another case


Thoed in the game, like a pass from Vick
Hustling hard for the cash, got the grip with car tricks
The name D-Reck, but they call me Johnny Street

So in the gutter shuffling butter, is where you find me
At it 2-4-7, for that payday baby
^!$$%z think I fell off, cause they ain't seen me lately

(*##$ ^!$$%z talk down, then see me forget they hate me
The glock work daily first, then come congratulate me
Sticks and stones, might break my bones

(*##$ lip got zipped, won't hurt me
Cause if your name ain't in they mouth, then you ain't getting paid
And that's the only type of %#@!, that gets me worried

But my personal space mayn, belongs to me
And if you don't know my real name, I need three feet
And even if you do, and you ain't my boo

Man to man conversations, I still gotta get too
Invading a ^!$$% space, get your $$# erased
I protect my perimeter, with this heat around my waist

Don't try to play me for weak, cause homie ain't no mercy for strangers

Find a clip in your chest, and your best friend strangled
I'm a Dead End G, keep it I-N-C
And what I don't see, is you trying me

Everytime a ^!$$% stomp, I crack the concrete
^!$$%z getting mad, cause I jump in the front seat
Look don't mess with me, I ain't scared to show ya

Get leaned on hard, by a ^!$$% that's sober
Hey, you in my space violation from the jump
You a match lit, ^!$$% I'm a loaded fuel pump

So don't get close, I got soldiers at they post
That'll twist you over fire, like a pig getting roast
We warn ^!$$%z fairly, that shots reloaded

Blitz hard on the one, got the ball and sewed it
You had a good chance, but it's clear you blowed it
So that cash that you past ^!$$%, watch me fold it

[Dirty $:]
Man you only as smart, as your last dumb move

You think of $#&@ing with me, could get your body numb dude
Not too smart, see I'll make you heart
Do the opposite of start, test that S on your chest

@@#! back, and make a mess of your flesh yes
Original dickie boy, we the best of the best
So if you suckers hold plex, and you eager to express it

Bring it on get %#@!ted on, we well protected
Dollar well connected, plugged in to these streets
Better get up out my face, or catch a slug from the heat

Ain't nothing sweet, bout how I hold my gun
Wig splitter my ^!$$%, I squeeze triggas for fun
Mr. Dirty $, still pop the collar
Making hoe $$# ^!$$%z holla, breaking em off some'ing proper
Shots and shots, please spread the news

Got these fools so patient, working with a very short fuse
Brother excuse me, naw get out the way
I'm a grown $$# man, fam scram go play yeah

[Hook x2]

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