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WRECKLASS NECKLASS lyrics : "Dogsbody"

%#@! beginning, got a crappy ending
And you wonder why he's re-offending
Drug dealer, he's a car-stealer

He's a wannabe geezer
Bad habits, you've gotta scrap it
If I was you I wouldn't have it

You blame the kids for causing problems
But it's not their fault

You blame the parents for causing them
They're just 16 years old

Know what you want but you get what you're given
Just like the food in prison
You're a dog on a lead, the freedom you need

Well it just isn't
Wanna be free, but what does that mean?
We don't wanna be

Nobody's Dogsbody

Got no food and I'm pissed at noon

Too much, too young, too soon
It's cliche and it's easy
To end up just like you

You tell yourself you'll make it
If I was you I couldn't take it

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