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WRECKAGE lyrics : "Nine Pound Hammer"

Dead already inside
I feel like I need more time
to dwell on the thing that I fear most

and crack through this mortar that has me set.

Stuck in place I breath the same air

Stale and bitter a taste I cannot leave
I stand alone not much to give as wolf and lamb have their dance
out it comes all at once.

Out it comes. All at once.
I pour my guts with this dry heave.

Chilled as my thoughts freeze.
Im lost in a world I cannot see.
As I race to save myself.

In a world I cannot change
Im pretty sure I $#[email protected] hate.

Im scratching and searching
the paint wears thin
Im throwing aside all of my extra weight.

All that Ive worked for and all that Ive earned
I will not sit by and watch this be compromised

When will this get through your thick skull
Your just another brick weighing me down
Im throwing aside all my extra weight.

Your greed and self inflation has you on your knees
The day comes forth but you don't see

Through my eyes and what I bleed.
This is not my defeat.

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