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Worship lyrics : "The Altar And The Choir Of The Moonkult"

Come here
Sink into
The chant of moon

To lose
A face

As earth turned moon

We are the altar

On which the world was slain

You're born

For us
Atone for us

Be the one
Or become
The sacrifice

"Come closer, newborn.

Good that you have put the robes we have provided for you.
You are now one of us.
I can see you are afraid? You don't need to fear us.

We are everything. We are your brothers and sisters,
Newborn! We are your destiny, and your place is among us."

[Qorban (to himself):]
"Why do I fear their faceless hoods more than death itself?
What is this supernatural terror washing over me,

As they come slowly closer and closer? I... I cannot let them get me. I must flee!"

Fly now

To no avail
Thy fate is drawn
You will return

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