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Worship lyrics : "Devived"

Too far I came
And nothing changed
No reason to search on

Is to be found

The ruin too vast

All is nowhere
And every way
Is leading here

Every step I lost a bit
Now I'm almost gone

I'm lost by life
Too deep in dust

Made of yesterday

Release me

From despair
That is my everywhere

"Unending ashes are the ocean to drown me,
To douse any spasm of life remaining in this treading corpse,

Where every step is bringing me deeper into this wasted,
Bottomless world uttering 'you don't belong here,
You are life and the time of life has passed'.

And I do think my body is slowly and surely giving in,
When every mile gives birth to more ruin,
An endless sea of monotony.

Despite myself, I watch my knees caving in, sinking into my grave,
Welcomed by earth, shrouded by storm.
And I am too drained to ride, too battered, too devived..."

My eyes are veiled
A final time

Yet summoned by a distant glow,
Am I to be born anew?

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Thanks to auritagirl