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World Class Wreckin Cru lyrics : "Turn Off The Lights"

Hey what's happening baby
I'm the one who needs no introduction
Cuz I'm the world class doctor

The master of seduction
I can heal all your ills
And give you extreme delight

But only if you allow me
To turn off the lights

1 - Before you turn off the lights
Let's get one thing understood
If you plan to make love to me

You've got to do it good
Cuz I'm a hell of a woman
And for me it takes a hell of man

So don't you dare turn off the lights
Unless this you understand

Yes, my name is Shakespeare
A world class poet
So kick back and relax yourself baby

Let me pour you a glass of Moet
Darkness will be your blessing
As I bring you extreme delight

But first you must allow me, Shakespeare
To turn off the lights... click

Repeat 1

2 - Don't turn off the lights

Unless you'll love me right
You hear what I'm saying
Cuz boy I'm not playing

Don't turn off the light
Unless you plan on staying

And of course, I'm DJ Yella
The mixologist of the crew
And I would just love

To mix bodies with you
Your lips I would kiss
Your body I would hold tight

But only if you allow me
Check this out
To turn off the lights

Repeat 1

Like a male exotic dancer for you I'd dance
With nothing but a g-string on my hip
Your kiss and touch I'd slowly collect

For they'd be my tip
There's parts of your body I'd slowly kiss
And others I'd gently bite

But first, you must allow me, Lonzo
To turn off all the lights

Repeat 1

Repeat 2


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