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WORKSHOP lyrics : "She Came"

When she was twenty five
They married her off in style
Lots of pomp and fanfare

She didn't know the groom but she saw him there

He seemed like a nice guy

It looked like life would be alright
Whiskey, wine and party all night
She was scared about the wedding night

And she saw him there...
Dressed in his birthday suit

She did stare
All five foot four inches of him was there

He was like a garden
Covered in harir
Face like a man

Body like a bear

And she prepared...

He couldn't get it up and they tried all night
She was ready to fight for her right
Lapdance, striptease, dirty deeds

She was a woman and she had needs

Yes she had needs

Yes she had needs

And so life went on

Eventually they got it on
Had two kids and a family life
But pleasure it was sacrificed

Her nightstand with a vibrator
Just couldn't satiate her

She dreamed of dongs and of King Kong
She longed for a real man

Then one day he came
Moved into the house next door
She checked him out and he walked about

Like a lioness stalks her prey

She longed for his touch

Skin on skin
When your husband doesn't care
Is it really a sin?

She couldn't wait no more
She went to the house next door

She showed some skin and reeled him in
And made love on the floor

Like wildebeests they mated
Like dogs and cats and wild boars
The screams are getting louder

She's screaming "oh my lord!"

The problem really is with society at large

Orthodox, ignorant and dumb
Marital age is just one big farce
Sell her off before she's too old

Like fruit ripens, women do too
She was born to be married

When they pass the age
They are like spoilt fruit

When she comes it's like a flood breaks
When she comes there's no escape
When she comes it's a burning desire

Quench her thirst and douse the fire

And she's just a woman with normal desires

That we call ^^&$#*, ^^&$#*, ^^&$#*
^^&$#*, ^^&$#*, ^^&$#*

When she comes it's like a flood breaks
When she comes there's no escape

When she comes she's pulling hair
When she's done there's no one there

And she sees that she's all alone
And lying naked on the bed

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Thanks to maria.01215