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WOOTAKKA lyrics : "It's Football Again"

Verse 1
We´ve all been waiting for this day,
we´ve been preparing so long for this moment.

The tension grows, all teams complete,
the nations of the world arrive,
they are ready to compete.

Determined to support our team
the crowd is gathering in the bars,

on the stations every train is filled with fans.
And to the stadium WE GO!
Everyone singing out loud ,

one peaceful army clad in
shirts and scarfs and flags...

It´s football again!
It´s football, all the time!

In the heat of brazil ,
we may loose and still feeling fine
We are one team!

If we will stand or fall we´ll be united! Yeah!
We will fight! Allright!


Verse 2

Out on the green, out for a match
we are one team, we stand together.
One ball, tenthousand waving flags,

we are the twelth man on the field
that´s why we are here
At the end of the extra time

the crowd is freezing on the ranks,
the referee awards a penalty for us.
That´s why you´ll see us in the finals

when we gonna get the cup,
we are the ones that climbed
the ladder all the way!



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Thanks to alexandra_feaa