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WOOH DA KID lyrics : "Everything Bricksquad feat o Deal, Frenchie, P Smurf, Waka Flocka Flame & YG Hootie"

[Hook: Wooh Da Kid]
This what I live for, everything bricksquad
New exotic whips, everything's a foreign car

Eat, sleep, %#@!, everything bricksquad
Now where's your best friend, I'm tryna take her out to Mars
That's what I die for, everything bricksquad

Everyday's a new whip, everything's a foreign car
Eat, sleep, %#@!, everything bricksquad
Now where's your best friend, I'm tryna take her out to Mars

[Verse 1: Wooh Da Kid]
In ya in ya (*##$ I'm tryna take her out wit stars

A lotta stamina, so I'm tryna have a menage
Ain't no battery in my back, but I'm fully charged
And we ain't handcuffing that, everything is ours

Bricksquad this, ^!$$% bricksquad that
My gangsta (*##$ will make you stick 'em up like lil chat
Come back wit the work and the paper

And she stickin' to her ^!$$% like a stapler

[Verse 2: Waka Flocka Flame]

B-R-I-C-K squad, y'all just plain go hard in da paint
LeBron James, you don't like me
Better Lupe shoot 'em, bullets at your toupe

$#&@ yo Bobby boy Boucher
Ask 'em if they know I'mma shake shake
Waka Flocka Flame don't $#&@in' play

And I won't be ^!$$% okay
32 in my clique like I'm OJ
Black [?] call me OJ

No evidence for the jewlery
Couple 100 dollars for the jewlery
Bricksquad winning hoo-ray

My swag is on Ray-Ray
Charles, I can't see y'all ^!$$%s
You and bricksquad headed for you ^!$$%


[Verse 3: Frenchie]
Bodies drop when that shawty @@#!
Frenchie in all kinda spots

I keep a gat to pop, fold you like a maserati drop
See you now, Frenchie how you do 'em like that
Pillow talkin' get you smothered in your pillow fight back

You should stop and just think to yourself
What should you be
Real-estate could be a fortune in wealth

Got to believe in yourself, and say one day you gon' make it there
Jealousy don't live in this house, no room for hatred yeeeaaah

[Verse 4: Bo Deal]
You know the name, ^!$$% you know the game
Bricksquad and errbody pop like Waka Flocka Flame

We be bangin' at 'em lookin' for that action
Catch a ^!$$% sippin', break 'em down like a fraction
We be packin' them big bangaz, got guns like the nar

We be makin' ^!$$%s trip like them tity bars
The squad on the roll, we be killin' %#@!tin' on the road
And errboy ho look like she jumped right outta video


[Verse 5: YG Hootie]
Maserati red rims
Bricksquad chain got red gems

Cali boys got plugs of work
Only east coast got red temps
All them (*##$es got red hair

Bompton ^!$$% got red clips
Movies mock 'em St. Claire
Politican Ger Bush

Lil mama keep it real I'll be her lotto ticket
You ain't trappin', NBA you ain't got no midgets
Suckas askin' for a feature we don't know y'all

I keep it home team, errthang bricksquad

[Verse 6: P Smurf]
Bricksquad Monopoly you know the groupies love us
In the airport louie luggage full of rubbers

Yeah dem !@$)got $$# pigs still wanna cuff us
Gutta ^!$$%s hug the block like it's our baby mothas
They in that undercover park eatin' doughnuts
I'm in that 2012 doin' doughnuts
Bricksquad bandana tied around the K

Brand new bugatti just bought that (*##$ today

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