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Woodie lyrics : "What Happened"

16 years old, I'm guided by violence objective leave enemies silenced
Get any strap you can get put in work and avoid the sirens
Mamas only child's growin' up to be wild,

Roamin' the streets without a smile
To cope she lives in denial, meanwhile
Crimes are committed if there's a stripe he's out to get it

Build his rep, don't let opposites step within neighborhood limits
All his homiez up in it nothin' but love at the beginnin'
Yeah we sinnin' laughin' and grinnin' cause in our eyes we're winnin'

The nights become long and crazy, days quicken the clock is tickin

So caught up in norte clickin' barely notice homeboyz missin'

Cops lockin' up fellow riderz for murders makin' 'em lifers
Means someone from inside is snitchin' tryin' to hang up and dry us
Betrayal, clouds up his brain mixed with the pain of homiez droppin' dead

Mama's prayers before she hops in bed so far ain't stoppin' lead
So mama's son still runs with fighters seekin' death upon these liars
Randomly searchin' for hiders puttin' miles on these tires

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