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Woodie lyrics : "Northern Cali Dippin'"

It's them twonk street rydaz east co co North siders know to resort to violence
Loyal fighters 50 can't divide us!

Nod your head as you listen east co co hit (Northern cali dippin) nod your head as you listen east co co hit (Northern cali dippin)

Right back at you with that %#@! tha'l leave you captured the second chapter of east co co's racher whos a factor smobbin like a tracker crushing everything in sight leaving a scronda wondering how did they blow up over night all and all it's pretty simple drop the beat so ya'll can hear keep it real and never once forget about our soilders killed introducing northern cali in a completly different fasion by letting the it be know nation wide that all the scraps we blastin smashin with darkroom low down ghetto line and black and brown representing town and town while packin pounds and jacking rounds never hesitate to iniciate the funk and if we feel there's funk ecanon stuffed between our gun we strapped up just incase of chunkin just a bunch of homie boys chakee sportin pistol totin gangbangin methanfedimy slangin smokin rocks of potent 40 drinkin rubber stinkin up the block in 69s dropin tops and shakin cops it's northern calis time to shine!

Nod your head as you listen east co co hit (Northern cali dippin dippin)

Sinin set trippin wippin and dippin dank sacks keep mr grinin while my my rims keep on spinnin northern cali livin mayne got me caught up in the game think about blowin your brains but say no names my vains pump fluid that's fluent yoc influenced red by choice gang recruitin steelin shootins and a blue prasute be easy but hard to find by packin 9 in the mean time cause head will keep me incline these times are getting rough so little los has got to puff different funk every month both actin tough in every turf cause I had enough of these pos all on our backs the force task get jacked cause our last riot was about scraps 50 suck dickie dummpin the season comes equipt talkin %#@! to your kids exposing them to how we live $#&@ s (*##$ $#&@ a snitch keep that joint up in your lip slap a 40 in yo lap and talk about it in your rap pack a strap by your side kinda slide in your ride take a choke and get high keep that north side in your pride you can try but this bangin and quick $#&@ yout life your that rip tide east co co hit

Nod your head as you listen east co co hit (Northern Cali Dippin Dippin)

Criminal oaisis with death upon my nemises player intuision and create the right hypotheses duranged mind stat let the indo penitrate haters on the bay cus we back up in yo face you ain't tough yet yous to represent the set who smashed on black we left the scene with no regets it's that twonk click we gives a %#@! east co co hit now we exchangin funk faces with you bioch watchin people falsey cause only of few of u know me talkin bad about the plate gettin out here on you homie this one is for the fomies nut swingin clonies now a days $#&@ drust if you do you gotta show me norte ryder do or dyer place the light...?

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