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Woodie lyrics : "Make it happen"

It, s hard to picture one time I had a strap in my mouth
With the hammer @@#!ed back, about to blow my brains out
That, s some selfish %#@!, I, ve done dealt with it

I, d rather let some bullets exit shells and melt a pig
I, ve been accomplice to some cold %#@!, squeeze, unleash whole clips
Leave 'em body cold stiff, $#&@ 'em let their soul drift

And if there's repercussions bring it, there will be no disscussions
I did it for a reason, gives a $#&@ if he's your cousin
Any opposition, Ima fight to stop their mission

Trespasser, slang master tryinna take what God has given
For your dealin' with the mental state of mind
That could short circut any time, struggle to keep myself in line

Neva disreguard vendettas, gotta stay alive to render
Death upon those that chose to jump ship in stormy weather
$#&@ the cheddar, give me thoughts of berettas

Some hand grenades and ak's, to kill his pride for the devil, recognize

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