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Woodie lyrics : "Life Of Sin"

Life iz full of upz n downz homie.
Gota take the good wit the bad. sometimes u wna take that easy way out.
But nah u kant do that.it might be worth watz on the other side.u gota keep struggln keep strivin destiny brought u here even if it is hell on earth

Wat am I worth?
Am I more hated or loved?

How am I looked upon by the powers above?
Wats in store for me? other than war in the streetz
A shot of heavens lookin grim without remmorsin me.

No one was forcin me to live the life that I live but the yoc influence infected my head.
I made my own bed, dug my own grave wen I die, kuz I refuse to be a slave while alive.
I neva followed orders, neva took commands. well katch me if u kan. I'll be damned if I stand still...

Officer, killed ppl. that I might of done. healed ppl too but not jus eneone.
Religiously livin under the gun. my soul is hvn mercy on the father n son. I search my cauncious for remorse til my heart feels a sting. and I hurt my homiez n my family and death I bring.
God I...

Try to win in this life of sin.
Sometimes I wish this life would end.

To rid me of this pain and agony.

But who survived those violent dayz

There's a chance all day where the body is laid
So ima keep livin my life how it has to be

Loyalty above all laws never turn your back
U chose to live this life don't get out becoming a rat
U knew the consequences before you got cought

But u let you jaw talk wen the steel door locks
Hoping to walk even God looks at you ashamed
But he's who created you, so who can he blame

For as me I can blame you as in a second
Cause you're the type to hop up in the game just to wreck it

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