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Woodie lyrics : "County Wayz"

Pullin' up in a lark on rallies representin' east Co. Co. county
Your boy Woodie done hooked up with some homeboyz from the valley
We unitin' northern Cali while leavin' them rivals chokin' on blood

Push come to shove, I'm tuckin' my pistol releasin' them SK slugz
I'm ridin' around with an old-e... cracked, swiggin it at the stoplights
Prepared to dump on enemies, committin' dirty deeds livin' that Yoc life

Sportin' cackies with a wife beater, Nike Cortez and a white t-shirt
I don't dress for fun or to impress someone
I'm strapped up ready to meet cha, beat cha, defeat cha,

Put you in the dirt with the rest of the rats and rivals
Of all kinds, but at all times, extra points for "sur"icidals
I've been livin' this life for years blood, sweat and tears induce my hatred

As I @@#! back this life taker, get prepared to meet your fate snitch
I make this... life seem appealing, but homeboy it's not
When five-o tackle you, shackle you, throw you in a cell and you hear that steel door lock

But it don't stop, this gangbangin' flags hangin' on the block
I can try to maintain but I'm stuck in this life 'til a rival splits my knot

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