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Woodie lyrics : "Bury Me On East 18th Street"

I can't explain the feelin' I get every time
I come back from leavin' the Yoc

Thoughts of love hatred and pain,
Flood my brain 'til my heart feels a shock
I think of them blocks, back in the day,

As ten of us walk, two packin' some weight
We'd snap out the gate, known to package their fate,
When aliens grouped up, got drunk and got brave

We put in more work than the ballerz with choppers,
A few good revolvers, a couple of shotguns
But we was some killaz behind them triggaz,

We handled the business that made others quiver
We didn't shiver, we'd aim and deliver,
Some hot metal slugz through lungs and livers

Of foreigners threatenin' our way of life,
Disrespectin' with cuetes and knives
A lot of %#@! changed in the last ten years

The gangs, the names, some homiez switched gears
That couldn't control their fears and tears
Livin' up in these rearview mirrors

My death is near but I won't steer away from the fate that awaits to greet me
If it's heaven swell, if it's hell oh well,
Just bury me on east 18th street

When I die just let my body lie in peace

Beneath the earth and sky of Antioch on east eighteenth
In case my soul is condemned to forever wander these streets
I can still watch over my homiez when I'm gone and deceased

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