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I've waited far too long for my one moment to shine
To show them all that I'm not like the other pegasi

But you are told that you are not what they expected
"If you cannot push your limits then how would you expect lead them?"

In the end you will finally realize
I can see it in your eyes

Count your stars and all your dreams
And take off to the skies
Shut out all of your doubts

And forget what you've been told
This is what it'll take
To be a Wonderbolt

So you all think you've got what it takes to be elite fliers huh?
Yeah! Well uh...

Well I've got news for you. You don't. If you had what if took you already would've been a Wonderbolt!

So many times I've tried to show that I'm a leader
Pulled my head out from the clouds to show them all I'm not a dreamer
Speeding out just to be ahead

We've been pushing everyone back in the dust
We showed them all. They've been outdone

You took too long to see it how could you be so blind
If you're going to be reckless, you can leave your dreams behind

Follow your ambitions and do it your own way
You'll never see the light if you can't clear it for today

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Thanks to maria.01215