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WOLVEREAMS FEAT. BIG J AND TMD lyrics : "White Chocolate"

Never really had hardships, Always got As
Cause Im determined and focused, Motivation for days
My desire's so hungry that it's clearin buffets

Im patriotic, more American, Than Chevrolets
I think one step ahead, Like I'm building stairways
John Cena's got nothing, Cause my time is always

I like to shoot pigeons, But I mean the clays
I've got guns more stacked, Than the NRAs

You won't find us smoking buds
Better get out the way milk duds

Cause here comes the master rhyme
Yea it is white chocolate time
That's right I said white chocolate time (That's Right)

Get you outta your seat at the drop of a dime
Ya we playin xbox and we're not committin crimes
Were on the front porch below the wind chimes

We don't wear do rags or saggy pants (Nuh uh)
No gold grills or profane rants (Hell no)
Cause we wear camo from bass pro shops

We got lots of guns but we don't shoot cops White Chocolate

Ya im the vanilla gorilla, And ill keep ya in check

Crackin skulls as a living, My only speed break neck
Hittin the gym so hard, Looks like a demolition
They call me a beast, Im actually the definition

Yall know I'm the champ, all you ratchets is whack
Cause I'm the head hunter, reppin shwakk attack
I put on a shirt, And its bustin at the seams

Now pass it back to the man, Mister mat reams

Now ima drop the beat, So listen intently

Ill never roll up in a benz or Bentley
Cause I love trucks, And the way that I drive
Make you faint like a pokemon, That needs a revive

Ya ima nerd, Better get that straight
I'll kill you in chess, First turn check mate
I go to Long Beach, Reppin LBC

Now hand it off to my boy, Brandon Lowry

They ask me to race, so I be killin' em

They wastin my time, now I'm billin' em
Burn em so bad, that I'm grillin' em
My victory dance is the thriller man

White chocolate living is life in the fast lane
Ask for my number ill say ninetyone octane
Makin' donuts from inside my mustang

the Joker is normal cause I'm the one who's insane


You try to mess with me and you will feel it in your mandible
I'm pumpin in the gym so you cannot stop this animal

It's makin me so hot that I'm becoming flammable
My life is so great, it's all instagrammable
Every picture gets hashtag like a boss

Cause I be hustlin' more than Rick Ross
I'm the real wheezy baby, so I need my inhalator
This track set to explode so Ima hit the detonator

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