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WOLFS MOON lyrics : "Ultra Rebel"

Society so-called-civilized
Society careless and brutalized
Society look what you've done

See what you've become
What you've done to me

Fight the concrete devil
Here comes ultra-rebel
Fight the concrete devil

Rebel yell
Fight the concrete devil

I see through your conspiracy
Your illusion of liberty

Multimedia agony
Last exit seems to be anarchy

You started the conflicts
You're sick in the head
You got no solutions

You're just powermad
I'm better off dead
Than rather be like you

I better wake up now
Before I wake up dead

Kill all the war pigs
Destroy all the fascists
Start up the riot

Punish the corrupt

Social injustice

There's no respect no pride
Democracy corruption
Waked the beast inside

I hate your ignorance
I defeat your arrogance
I deny your decadence

I will stop it now

Don't trust any government

Don't trust any politics
Now we bring them punishment
They better grab their crucifix

Ultra rebel rebel yell
Ultra rebel punish the corrupt

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa