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Wolfpack Unleashed lyrics : "Disgrace Erased"

Cold, neon light -- eyes full of fright
A cellar room, flagstones on floor and walls whitewashed, no window
Maddening stench -- of moldiness

A simple table covered with a shabby piece of cloth

Single woman present, no one else


Your disgrace will be purged now
Narcosis takes effect
The needle penetrates your womb

Dark secret now erased

Age of fifteen -- untouched you've been

One night an unknown man descended you, $$#aulted you
Secret concealed -- no one involved
Inquire a local midwife known for help, discrete and fast

Blood and tears falling to the ground


Unborn life so innocent, ended by unaware hand

Distress forced to act, conscience ignored 'cause of shame

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa