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Wolfgang : Man98 lyrics

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Wolfgang lyrics : "Man98"

I am the single-handed consequence of youth irate
a many man's gospel yes, i live I breath I hate
a supermarket junkie I am Television king

the devil's lasy apostle and the savior's hopes and dreams
I am I live I breath yes I hate
I am everyone's emotions

I am no one's thoughts and schemes
I'm someone I am no one I am servant I am king
the one that you don't know

and the one that you despise
your brightest vision in your blindest night
in me in every me is he

in he in every he is she
in she in every she is me
in me in me in me

can you feel me growing inside you
can you feel me coming out from inside
generation degradation

yes deceits in all your eyes
a truth is but a blanket used to hide a million lies
I now can introduce you to what we helped create

I am I am I am man98

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