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Wolfchant lyrics : "Under The Wolves Banner"

We are back again, the storm wind from the south
And we are much stronger than before
We will ride again, against all Christian will

And large in number we are now

We are the stones, we are hard and cold

We are the water running down the hills
We are the falling leaves, the clouds in the sky
The dark forest and all it's trees

"This is our mission, this is our destiny

This is our will this is our fate
This is the desire of a wolf!

Under the banner of wolves we ride and strike
With voices of thunder and like a storm wind in the night
These are the hymns of our battle

We will stand wild and free"

See all our flags, we all are united now

See all our pride, see how strong we will strike

Storm wind and fire all filling the sky

The hordes of wolves are raging tonight
With cries freesing blood and wrath in their eyes
This bound renewed again at this time

Lift up all the banners, be proud and be strong!
Lift up all the banners, victory comes to us all!


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