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Wolfchant lyrics : "In War"

Can you see this signs
The prophecy fulfills itself
Nature's balance is disturbed

Three cold years of winter
Of ice and snow

No creatures are still alive
Midgard is covered
With war and blood

And fathers kill their own sons


The time of the sword is coming
The time of blood is coming
The time of the wolf is coming

The time of fear is coming
Hati and Skoll devour the sun and the moon
The sky is red like blood

This is the time we reach the end of the world
Nagelfar is setting sails
And all the stars in mourning disappear

Hear the sound of the Gjallarhorn

Between the wolves fangs human bodies cry

The dragon will destroy the roots of Yggdrasil
The Einherjer go to Wigrid to fight the last battle
And Jörmungandr brings a storm


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