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Wolfchant lyrics : "Determined Damnation"

Regret you sinners
Pay indulgences to
Fend Lucifer when he

Whets his trident for you

Up to the pyre

Your excuses are a mess
Witchery is proven
Your heart full of blackness

Die, you heathens!
Or convert to the Lord

Agony you'll feel of the
Most horrible sort

Carnal desires
Are vicious and false
Pray and work until

Your own funerals


Dance, god chosen people
To our bidding your whole life
And as long as you twist

We sow the strife
Words of venom
Words of sanctimoniousness

Delightful masked corruptness
Determined - supposed to be
Damnation - never free

Betrayed eyes can never see
Determined - supposed to be
Damnation - pray for eternity

You'll never be free

Deus lo vult believe what we say

Deus lo vult to prevent affray
Deus lo vult hang heretics high
Deus lo vult salvation is nigh

Saddle your horses
Brave crusaders of God

Redemption will befall you
It was the Lord who prod

Devilish science abhorrent lies
Believe in it and we will bruise you like flies

History of creation
Is the absolute
As well as redemption

When you creep as our brute

Believe that you're free

As long as you toe the line
You do the work
And we drink the wine


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