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Wolfchant lyrics : "A Raven's Flight"

Autumn is embracing the land
All voices are disappearing
The landscape is fading to grey

And the nature is going to sleep

The fog is covering the fields

Just fragments of trees I can see
Withering leaves under my feet
Every step will bring me back in time

My mind is flying in the sphere of time

I see myself walking on the old path
The elder path of my forefathers
Consecration will come

This is a lonely walk through the mist
Wisdom and faith in the eyes of a raven

I see it's mighty wings in the sky
Full of proud and full of spirit

Winter is embracing the land
All the light are disappearing
The landscape is fading to white

And the nature is sleeping these days

Is this the end of all life?

All these moments frozen in ice
This is just the beginning!
The wheel of time is turning further


I lay a thought on it's wings - to carry it away
Oh, bring it to the sun - so far behind the clouds
The misery of this time - all sorrow will go by

I'm looking forward to the future - so fly raven, fly

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