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WIZ KHALIFA FT. JUICY J lyrics : "The Plan"

I looked in the mirror today
And seen the realest ^!$$% I ever met in my life (laugh)

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
I done smoked weed where they said I can't

Got rich when they said I can't
Got high and got on the plane
And brought all my ^!$$%s when they said I can't

Went shopping places they said I can't
Bought some %#@! that they said I can't
Jumped on the road and did all them shows

Cause I was poppin' places they said I ain't
Went hard in places they said I can't
Promoters call and try and set up dates

Bought the car with that yellow paint
Go to parties now and they set up drinks
And it's first class so I'm private plane

Nudie jeans with my Get Up Mane!
Rollin' papers and Mary J
I made eleven mil and I'm still the same

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J] x2
What's with all these ^!$$%s and they feelings man

All of this and I'm still the man
Thought of this when I was just a fan
But all this money wasn't in the plan

Now it's all about them Benjamins
Ballin' hard and you in the stands
All this money I'm a business man

Out of all these ^!$$%s I'm the realest man

[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]

Out of all these ^!$$%s, they callin' me the realest
Started underneath the floor, now my money through the ceiling
Always staying on my grind, turned nothing to a million

Used to just tryna live, now a ^!$$% make a killin'
Gold rollie on my arm, ten rings like a don
Cuban links in my chain, Zigzag on my charm

Champagne on ice, good weed in the jar
Everything Armans, Chanel seats in the car
When you all know; them $#&@ ^!$$%s start hatin'

Talkin' bout what they gon' do but I'm waitin'
When you getting rich they doubt you
Shout out my gang and my brother Will cause I couldn't do this without you

For real!


[Verse 3: Juicy J]
Eighteen racks I paid it though

To send them goons straight to ya door
To show you ^!$$%s what's real
And let you meet that .44

Run your mouth you in the trunk
Glock to your head nowhere to run
Catch you ^!$$%s when you by yourself

We gon' hit you ^!$$%s with a hundred drums
Both low no bad (*##$
Good drink I'm famished

Bank account outlandish
Big wrist stay sittin' on Lamb (*##$
^!$$%s out there tryna test me

I put the AK where his chest be
Don't fight with hoes, don't fight with ^!$$%s
No security (*##$ so don't test me

Double cup full I be sippin' up
My ^!$$%s man real criminals
If a ^!$$% find you they gon' hit ya up

With a Bin Laden chopping the switcher up
All these hoes be jockin' tryna get with us

Your ^!$$%s get murked your ^!$$%s in jail
My team gettin' money stay full of drugs


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