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[Hook x4:]
Roll it up, light it up, have a puff, let's take a plane

Nothin but gin in my trippy cup, pouring more, I can't get enough
Young Khalifa on that hippie stuff, I break it down and it lifts me up
So much shining, so much diamonds, all that there comes from so much grindin

So much weed up in my lungs, I'm in the air, I'm somewhere flyin
In your town I cop me a pound, show me one and I'll roll one
All my ^!$$%s straight drug addicts cause it takes one for you to know one

Bake somethin and never hold none, young ^!$$%s with some old lungs
Catch me out at your college campus, weed rolled with a cold one
Outside with my new car, my Chally parked by my old one

Got a couple of rollies dawg, but I'm usually rocking a gold one
Catching flight on them private planes, Ferrari doors I close 'em
Don't talk a mil, you ain't sold one, don't talk a pound, you ain't smoked one

[Hook x4]

[Juicy J]
Smokin and sippin while watching hoes strippin
Poppin and rollin, I'm chieffin this potent

Dope by my side with the pistol and chopper
Got from my (*##$ and she get from her mama
Talking like this, I be walking like this

Sold a few hoes and I bought a new (*##$
Taylor Gang ^!$$%s the number one chieffas
Smokin on [?] louder than speakers

Mix with the hash, dip in the lean blue dream, I'm a $#&@ing fiend
Standing on Fairfax getting smoked out with them ^!$$%s from Supreme
Trippy sticks bong rips blunt, (*##$ I'm down to do whatever

She wanna pop a molly man, Juicy J gon' $#&@in let her
For a stronger strain I'm spending bands, this ain't no reggie
When it's 'bout this gettin' high, ain't nothin you can tell me

Xanax bars, beans and syrup, that's my trippy kit
I'm like a pimp in the club working your (*##$

[Hook x4]

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