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WIZ KHALIFA FT. JUICY J lyrics : "Blindfolds"

Real trippin ^!$$%s
La musica de Harry

Happy ^!$$%s
Uh making my mom but I try to cash ^!$$%
that you time out pop bottles and ..

groceries full

Uh you know I kill

and give me mother f*cker something that I go on
and now I gotta count the money that I been
'cause I get it in

my brand so long, my babe ^!$$% roll on
my babe fry so long
I hate fake ^!$$% and so on

take all the money that I made
the sharing be out the reason that you're waiting
plus I smoke the ..weed I call it Californication

I ..for vacation I'm callin all this cake
a hundred thousand for the safe
just ballin out I'ma face it

now watch me you should ^!$$% see my pieces truck cropy
my rollin presidential bust the ring that I got all out
plus the dutchy and I ain't even kocky

confident that I'm the %#@!
you ain't the mother f*cker what time it is

I'm the ..of my silent time
got my winners up in my speaker loud

and we smokin on gonna need a pall
but the haters can see me now
put the money in the wag

earnin wanna us get money bro
get money in the wag
my ^!$$% on the real, all you see is dollar bill

I blow a hundred band get the f*ck around with
that holdin you in love with the hoe around me

cuffin with the Taylor, would you drink in my paper
my music f*ck my people but tonight I'm doing ..
20 years on and I ain't falling off

^!$$%s flix about the chick and they run their mouth
Ferrari pull up guess some..up
would a double couple hand and some Monday count

rock it Louie it is I ..Louie that
Louie on my $$#, Louie on my head
when I hit the club Louie in my hand

that's the Louie 13, Louie in my glass


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