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Witness lyrics : "Said The Sunrise"

I said "until when", she said "forever"
I hope by then that I'll be old enough to know better
I tip toed on a pretty little landmine and

Read the body language that she wrote between her tan lines
But now we find our better judgment at the whim
Of the fingers writing cursive on the surface of our skin

It's like they're fumbling to unbutton the buttons
But there's something in my stomach that resembles reluctance
Because the moment that our tongues begin to speak french

I feel like a ghost in another lover's feet prints
I need a defense
In case she repents

Under the pretense that we should probably be friends
There's flowers in a wine bottle on her vanity
And a wooden crucifix that hangs above her bed

She was asleep, I was looking for an exit
Cause I know she doesn't love me and I wish we never met

She was a forty five caliber sweetheart tucked under my chin line
And when the casings hit the pavement it reminded me of wind chimes
It was a thin line, a perforated edge

It should have torn apart the moment that we laid in bed
Head on my chest, like she's following a metronome
She was a poem, like a painting, like a lilac

And when she blinked, I think the universe stopped
As she traced a constellation through my freckles with an eyelash
But, it ain't affection. She called it foreplay.

It wasn't making love either, it was portrayed
With words in poor taste, the kind that strike deep
Designed to redefine beautiful as quite cheap

There was a bright street light leaking through her window
And when the wind blows, it stutters like it's tongue tied
But so was I

We were strangers in the morning
So when I said "until when" she should have said "the sunrise"

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