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Witness lyrics : "Only Children"

I put a message in a bottle
And threw it at outer space
It landed in a crowded place

About an hour late
I hope you read it, I wrote it to show you how to chase
The clouds away and bring an April shower to your flower vase

Cause nowadays it's only sour grapes in chardonnay
Life is the back yard and love is the garden maze
It's hard to say that if time hadn't come between us

That we could have been something different
That you could have become my Venus
We were only children the day that I made that incision

And left that heart shaped grenade inside with a pin missing
You wanted a wishing well that wasn't afraid of counterfeit
And I thought that I finally found a kiss

That can't exist in a town like this
We wanted to bound our wrists to something secure
Something with comfort

Something with substance
Something mature
But something shouldn't be short of perfect

For the world to call it brilliant
And I'm sure that we would have found it, love
But we were only children then

Her name was innocence
Her name was burgundy

Her name was amethyst
Her name was urgency
Her name was indigo

Her name was clarity
Her name was whispered
Where the angels wouldn't dare to speak

Her name was honesty
Her name was summer rain
Her name was chamomile

Her name was hunger pangs
Her name was ivory
Her name was fulfillment

Her name was music
But we were only children then...

And now,
I walk in rainstorms, waiting for hale stones
Looking for goosebumps that translate to braille poems

I was thinking of you
Treading the trail home
Dealing with the weight of the world

Wearing on frail bones
Disjointed and withdrawn
Patiently pacing the piece of the planet

That my parents lived on
Cause lately, I'm lost
And I've been looking to get this heart centered

On something besides the comfort I find
In a pen and a pad and a bartender
You've been the injury

I've hidden from these symphonies
That lingers in my inkwell
When I wonder what you think of me

I wanted to wage a war
That I wasn't aware that I could win
But that was then

I've been in a battle with nobody but my self since
So, whenever the wedding bells are ringing
Is when the phone won't be

And we'll know that we're getting closer to the moment
You won't know me
When I was only that regret

And you were only that one in a million
Limited opportunity

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