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Witness lyrics : "Lower Case"

I sleep inside the moment that we stood upon a frozen lake
When we were still in love and only spoke in lower case
I live with memories of waking to your shoulder blades

That overstay their welcome and they very seldom go away
Somewhere inside your body is a photograph of us
Whoever framed the subject wasn't holding back enough

Cause every blemish that we buried was in bloom again
When they decided that they'd try to magnify it through a lens
We picked names for the garden in between your hips

That harbored every dream that drifted far enough to seem amiss
She exists when I shut my eyes for long enough
Her tiny fingers cling to mine but when I blink they've gone to dust

I don't suppose that you remember back before the war
When I could call the bluff that hid behind your poker face
And even though you've ever only called me "baby" once

I heard a ghost that spoke the words you'd never say in lower case

"Darling don't forget that I'll be leaving in the morning

But, baby don't you worry, cause I'm coming back home"

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