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Witness lyrics : "Holden Caulfield (feat. Unsung)"


(Excuse me, have you...)

Got a house of cards that they're forcing you to fold
While you're traveling the labyrinth you built inside your skull?
Call me Holden Caulfield, leave me in the sandbox

Trap me in the moment when our fingers first land locked
My friends are worried that I've buried my potential
Like I'm on my way to thirty at the mercy of a pencil

Ever get the feeling that this island stays afloat
Because it knows it's gonna sink without the buoyancy of hope?
Too many tend to marinate in safe harbors

Their only contribution is another grave marker
The imminence of night only makes the day harder
Never wore the mask of a self-made martyr

Aggravated that it never rains anymore
Because I need a little wind to face this weather vane north
You know?

Tortured souls, of course I'm cold
I was born in the house of cards I was forced to fold

Good foot forward, second next, baby steps
Open hand, take it, cause I haven't tied the laces yet


Songs sung in high notes

All left to sign
Contracts written in bass
To replace your lifeline

People tend to go their different ways
When they break up
Or run like mascara in their DNA makeup

Close call
I almost believed it
But leapt before the myths like a runaway phoenix

I burst towards the city
Left in blinding sunlight to find
That it's all designed

With the help of an upper hand
Sketches in it's notebook
I will write my own songs and focus on your sad looks

Pause a moment
I want to taste the grittiness
No bright ideas cause I've been stripped of filament

It's all head first on a steam ship
Blue waters press upon the viewers
Seeming scenic

I'm giving ten to one odds
That somebody resists
But the odds are now doubled

Cause nobody exists

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