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Witness lyrics : "Canvas Stays Blank"

It's just a snowstorm, right?
Just another night.
Just another life.

Just another friend.
That went to walk on thin ice.
I know it ain't my place

To make these kind of statements
But lately you've been distant
And isn't transportation

That's been making it a problem
I find it odd when you don't return my calls
But, maybe you've forgot them

I'll give you that
But try to give me this
I bet your fingertips are numb

And it isn't even winter, kid
It might be insignificant
And maybe I'm just worried

But you're getting close to thirty
And you haven't left Jersey once
Tried to chalk on the board as just a phase

But the dust is getting thicker
And the pictures getting vague with age
Like, "where you living?"

"How are you affording this?"
You used to be an artist
Show me what your self portrait is

Got a lot in the bank
But, I want to know the reason

That your canvas stays blank

Take another razor

Take another mirror
Take another year
And I'll probably stop counting

Don't get it twisted
This ain't no intervention

The world is just a stage
And maybe yours is Trenton
It's just a shame

That the actors are anonymous
And only those you broke a promise with
Are in the audience

It's probably obvious
That I'm feeling kind of guilty
It kills me that I neglected this

To get my kicks in Philly
Still we gotta talk
We should grab some coffee

And catch up on the last four years
That you lost me to
Cylindrical dollar bills that never make change

And just the other day I heard you're taking it in vein?
I complain because you used to paint the world a little brighter
You used to be inspired

You used to be a writer
And I knew about the fire
Way before it burned the bridges

But I guess that it was something
That I thought that you'd extinguish
I've got a picture of a face I used to know

But who's the person in the mirror
When you scrape away the snow?

Hold up
Kill the conjecture
I didn't come to lecture you

I came to get the truth
And understand you better
Through the pleasures you indulge in

The world that you've frozen
The doors that you closed
Since your souls been snowed in

This skins grown thin
From over exposure
To elements like yours
And keeping my composure when
I need closure

You never sober enough
To even keep this boat
Afloat in the flood
But the water is tepid, test it, settle and wet your feet,
I bet if you kept that head beneath another second you would sink

Or maybe you have, maybe you're rock bottom
And you only got a problem when you got the time to think
So, I'll be the kite without a string in your tempest
And you'll be the crack in this terra cotta friendship
And, that's how we'll end it.

Confusion and angst
While you're wandering a city
Where your canvas stays blank

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