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Within The Eddy lyrics : "The Arrival"

On a couch at the side of a road
It isn't mine, it isn't mine
A man is sweeping the grass with a broom

The rain pouring down, he has no sense of the time
I turn to fluff a pillow
A very erratic creature says never quit

As I pull a stray thread
The entire world unravels, the world unravels with it

Nothing is what it seems
No one listens just keep pretending

So focused on one thing
Everything else disappears
Awoken by a peculiar sting

I've never felt so incredibly clear

I follow a crack in the street

The destination, it ends at a stop sign
Across the street a child builds a figure
Whilst her peers hide they'll throw it in the grime

I say goodbye to a spider
Then I am hit, hit by a car
When the world makes any sense

How terribly boring will that be


I stand still where to next
I have no clue and that's my best guess


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