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Within The Eddy lyrics : "Empty"

Empty I have nothing more for you
You've done plenty thank you

Envy I have none of it for you
Now I'm empty thank you

I am but a dust you'll wipe away
I got it lucky is what you'll say
I am merely something you'll suck dry

To fill a part of you that's just a lie


Take everything that's mine
Break what you leave behind

Fake that you care for me
Then bake my brain at a hundred degrees

Strip me of my soul
Quit once you're whole
Spit in my face

Forget me once I'm in my place


Everything I thought I was for you
And everything I thought you were for me

Now I see
You are my enemy


You save me, from eternal rest

You kill me, you kill me
And bring me, and bring me
And bring me to my death

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