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Wisdom In Chains lyrics : "Liar"

You're a liar, you phony piece of %#@!.
You're a liar and now I have to bust your $#[email protected]' lip.
You're a liar, a liar. You're not my $#[email protected]' friend.

You're not my boy now and you never were then.
You're a liar, a liar. You act so $#[email protected]' fake.
You tried to act surprised when I cracked you in the face.

You're a liar, a liar, you dirty little rat and now you got nothing.
Tell me what you think about that.
You're not my brother now and you never really were.

You said you were sorry but I don't believe a word.
You spit in my face and disrespected my name and then you wanted pity when the beatdown came.
You're pathetic, a whiny little (*##$ of a man.

Wont look me in the eyes but you try to shake my hand.
Not today son, I had enough of that %#@!.
You dissed your crew now it's time to deal with it

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