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Winds Of Plague lyrics : "Most Hated"

I live my life as an outcast.
and I wouldn't have it any other way.
most hated from day one.

i find solace in solitude.
take my life in stride with a bad attitude.

$#&@ what you know.
$#&@ what you think.
until you say it to my face, your talk is $#&@ing cheap.

$#&@ what you've heard.
$#&@ your self-esteem.
try talking %#@! while your spitting out your teeth.

i try to watch my mouth, but these words, they just keep coming out.
it must stem back to the days of my youth.

all these uptight pricks trying to tell me what to do.
im going to do what I do.
$#&@ you

im 'a let that beat drop.
most hated


the outcasts of society.

we don't run the world.
we run these streets.
the outlaws of society.

we don't ask for justice.
we run these streets.

I sit back always watching.
think you're always on top because you came out stomping.
guess again

with the nod of my head, you'll be six feet deep, sealed up in a coffin.
it must stem back from the days of my youth.
i guess I'll go through life with a bad attitude.

im 'a let that beat drop.
most hated


you arrogant $#&@.

you think you're influential.
you can't say %#@!, so we wrote an instrumental.

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