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Willy Northpole lyrics : "The Set Up"

When I met her, I took her home the first night and $#&@ed her
#~!!@ so good it felt I didn't have a rubber
Bad (*##$ said she had hustle

Says she connected with some ^!$$%s with some muscle
"I's can explain"
She said "the cane"

Eighty birds a week, I said, "What up on a plane?
She said "On the street"
She drive across country"

I said, "What I gotta do to make these ^!$$%s lunch meat? "
She said, "It's easy, baby boy believe me."
Let's talk about it later but don't call me on the pheezy

She said, "Why later?, let's talk about it now"
Because it's going down tomorrow, then I said "how? "?
She said "It's simple they call this ^!$$% Dre,

He trust me cause I give him the #~!!@ by the way"
She said "Hes a weak mother $#&@er but he flip"
I said "^!$$%s like that deserve to get hit"

She gave a little giggle,
"Just follow these orders"
The plan was to say she got robbed at the border

Next day I didn't want to drive her this far,
It had to make sense, plus we had to switch cars.
I met her at the border,

"(*##$ give me your %#@!"
She said "Quit playin'", we laughed and we kissed
Middle of the desert and the day is getting hotter

I'm driving home thinking like damn I should've shot her.
She got home to tell Trae it was all bad.
What she didn't know, is Tre had a (*##$ up in the pad.

And she flipped,
She started packin' bags,
He said "Baby girl chill chill, why you mad? "

Baby just paused turned around and laughed
She said "By the way that's why my homeboy robbed your $$#"
Then he hit her, pulled her by the hair,

He called his goons over and they tied her to a chair,
Punched her in the mouth "Who the $#&@ got my bread? ",
She said, "I don't know", they poured gasoline on her head,

And she screamed out this ^!$$% named Willy,
She gave him all my info,
He took it as an insult,

I shouldda known this (*##$ emotions was attactched
He took a step back then he lit the match,
He walked out the house left the (*##$ on fire,

I'm at home HBO, watchin The Wire,
Waiting for this mother $#&@in pizza that I ordered,
Two hours later the night is getting shorter,

Knocked at the door look through the peep hole,
I seen tattoos under the pizza man clothes,
I went to grab the pistol but it was too late,

Cause when I turned around a ^!$$% had a pistol in my face,
And then he let the other ^!$$% in,
Guns to my head,

The interrogation begins.
He said. "(*##$ you know what we want,
Because of you a dead pizza man is in the trunk",

He hit me with the gun,
His homie kept his finger on the trigger,
I heard him say, "Tre, why don't we just kill this ^!$$%? "


I was doomed...
And then they found the white up in the room.
Never looked back when they was leavin',

What they didn't know that I was still breathin',
Laying in the hospital bed,
Numb in the legs,

I'm looking like a mummy in the head.
Hard for the money so illegal,
A lesson world learned, (*##$es is the root of all evil.

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