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Willy Northpole lyrics : "Game Diss"

[Gun loaded]
[Gun @@#!s]

Yeah, $#&@ this ^!$$% man! This ^!$$%'s gay, this ^!$$% had a tounge-ring!

Any ^!$$% want it: "That's all I need to here's a ^!$$% had tounge-ring on top of that! "
Oh yeah...
'Member, Sisqo had a Sun on his stomach! (hehehehehehe! )

That-that Sun %#@! on his neighbor'...
And ^!$$% got that %#@! on his chest! You can see thi'... you can still see this %#@!!
He tryna covered-over to N.W.A %#@!. (hahahahahaaahhhhh! )

Plus... the ^!$$% was a stripper!
Never the not been a stripper! (hehehe! )

On top of that his favorite player or basketball player was Dennis Rodman! (hhhhhhahaha! )
So you know the ^!$$% is a $#&@in' word of man.
Not even got the butterfly on his eyes, that %#@! startin' come-out man, let's get this ^!$$%!

(Hahahahahaha! ) [beat starts]


Willy! South Phoenix! (GGG-GGG-GGG- G-UUUUUNIT! )
Let's keep this ^!$$% man!

HotRod, Carnagie whattup?
Let's go!

[Verse 1:]
And this is the last supper! - Hit I'm sayin' in the middle arm

This is straight from the heart! - No gimmicks and no weathers!
After them on the table. Whattup Bank$? Whattup Buck? (whattup?)
Whattup 50? Whattup Yay'? She's about the gift walk. (hahahahaha! )

What! - I ain't supposed to beef cause I'm brand new,
^!$$% you a rot; if I'm mother$#&@in' hand you!
A couple of dollars can't (uh! ) put ya daughter in college, (yeah! )

The slad of the cop ^!$$%s the talk greasy!
Game, Joe and Jada that %#@! is too easy!
Gets a new off Willy! Y'all about to meet Willy!

A beef stop, brand this ^!$$% 50 to: "Free Willy! "
First off this ^!$$% Game, bangin' the little red, homie. (uh! )
Dead rappers carrot on you, always been yo' dead homies!

^!$$% I know yo' past off got that tat on yo' neck,
You got a big enough to cop'-off that Crip set,
Yeah, yeah! Game flick! Game you's to be a Crip!

Curtis Junior High was no Bloods, all rips!
I got fam' in Carlson, I got fam' in Compton! (uh! )
You pretty young thing! !@^#got-ass tounge-ring!

You disloyal ^!$$%, just let me know one thing!
You was creep to this job and wanna came the Joe!
And Jadakiss! - That's why wanna Game became a hoe!

You talk to a lot of %#@! to Irv and lil' bro, (uh! )
Who was scept of the competition, cause Ja had lil' flows!
50 put yo' wonderers ring when you have no tats,

When you had no game, when you had no starps! (uh! )
When you had no name, you call my ^!$$% rap %#@!! (what ^!$$%s?)
Game gay, how the $#&@ you this Jay?

And turn around with' apologises to next day! (hahahahaha! )
I see the (*##$ in this ^!$$%, just like a' X-Ray!
You better keep the Doctor if you wanna stay pay!

And ain't a 'Squad' of 'Terror' - sister !@$^o error!
Fat Joe, fat funky! Bittin' $$# to sweat junky!
Joe garbage to ^!$$% rap retarted!

You can't go platinum, so how the $#&@ got artist? (hahahahaha! )
+Lean Back+, back with $$#, ya whole $#&@in' Squad WACK!
New King of the jungle, yolla couple a bar caps (ha! )

I'm too cleaver, came beatin' with the G-Unit!
Came cheatin'! - Ready for war, 2000 languages!
2000 poor laps and 2000 crunches!

For Jada and his punches I'm hittin' straight for Yonkers!
WHATCH the Locks fake, they Willy game no shooters.
WHY? It's only hit came from a G-Unit producer!

WHY? These ^!$$%s talk tough - like they robbed off Griffy.
And turn around and get robbin', did a show with Diddy. (!@$)got-ass ^!$$%s! )
You ^!$$%s is titty! You ^!$$%s is #~!!@! - Pull up your dushes!

Back in a day, I witta hooped-up to pushes. (uh! )
The Towards back in a day when out was runnin' you pushes! (uh! )
Wasn't a Locks ^!$$%s money, power, respect!
Puff Daddy was a pimp - did y'all ever give a check?
Did y'all ever give respect? Did y'all ever have power?

This last time I check every album when sold, oh %#@!!
$#&@ the Locks! Fat Joe and them other guys!
How was my ^!$$% Wog in a table of butterfly? (youkno'msayin'?)
Back to the Game, you a trouble, you gay-hoe!
You use to be a stripper when N.W.A flows!

Get it off your chess ^!$$%! Let Eazy rest ^!$$%!
Willy sign, you ain't never had a West ^!$$%!
Wild-Wild-West flow out the best ^!$$%,
I ain't from the Coast, but I'm a Wild West ghost!
A South Phoenix's wack, and far from the Game wookie! (yeah! )

South Phoenix love me on Broa'way I'm talkie! (yeah! )
Get the $#&@ about yo' five shots - colla-banga-pop!
Did 'at give 'em street cradle on block? - NO!
You had a skulla %#@!! Game was on some colla %#@!!
I heard that mixtape, I laugh that's he talk,

A Blood say: "If I was a Crip, I C-Walk! " (hahahahaha! )
What the $#&@ed it say? This ^!$$%'s gay! (hehe! )
Shoots tell to them Broa'way gangsta's
6-O, two way, the ^!$$% that carrer is wanksta!
50 you tried! You shoulda poor with this scapt to the sign,
Started his past and know this pepper is too just !@$)!

Change Of Heart! That ^!$$% got this, but ain't lame bra
And said daddy: "Watch the hoe, show what is the came Squad! "
Come on man! I had two exposses flat face,
Mush face, tongue-ring, either (*##$ push face!
Hollywood Blood, fake Hollwood thug!
50 doin' movies with mad Hollywood plock.
To tell all I'm on G-Unot pick a sign slaves!

That's happy the world - G-Unot paid!
All that talk tough DVD is bluff!
^!$$% you ain't a same sting! You can't even touch Yuk!
50 smart - if you wanna to he can find you,
He can touch you - and a broke ^!$$%s behind you! (hahahahaha! )
^!$$%! - I gotta hoes stay behind me, that's cowar! (yeah! )
Untouchable! - You couldn't rap Willy in the shower!

Cause when I hit the Game, I'm started with 50Cents!
I made Young Bucks! - BANK$ EVER SENDS, !#$%!

$#&@ you ^!$$%! $#&@ all y'all ^!$$%s!

Oh, now my ^!$$% rat, huh?
Hit a snitch, use to raw with the ^!$$%!
The ^!$$% put money in yo' pocket ^!$$%, want be no Game!
You disloyal ^!$$%!
Just imagine it, got scar!
When it's, when it's time to beef with the ^!$$%, you-you cracked-up on tha presser!

You scarry from some industry ^!$$%s!
You want bill for that G-Unit %#@! ^!$$%, it's competition in this game right now!
Fake-ass ^!$$%!
Been on the DVD... you want to the ^!$$% house!
The ^!$$% put, the ^!$$% want EVEN AT HOME! Youkno'msayin'?
Y'all ^!$$%s is... like high school kids and %#@!, man!
This ^!$$% sign a deals for movies and y'all ^!$$%s in... in a mother$#&@in' woods!

Lookin' at the ^!$$% crib, ^!$$%!
Gay-ass ^!$$%s!
You ain't no Block ^!$$%s!
^!$$% shoot a hop an' fiends ^!$$%, not gon' on a dough!
Trust passin' ^!$$%!
That's a legal reason to pop yo' $$#!
Talkin' all that street %#@!, ^!$$% you fake ^!$$%, I see to that %#@!!
You gon' foodies mother$#&@in' fiends ^!$$%, but you can't full of real ^!$$%.
I know the Blood ^!$$%s out there...
Hey man, I'm a tell you like this ^!$$%!
It's whatever when you wanna seen me!
This is G-Unit!
It's Willy, HotRod, Carnagie whattup ^!$$%s?
All my SouthSide ^!$$%s!
My Phoenix wents again, want try to turn this sit to know?
You know LA it's bein it %#@! ^!$$%!
Hand on yo' own beef, ^!$$%!
It's Willy!

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