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WILL YOUNG lyrics : "free"

(W Young/ M Prime/ B Withers/ S McKenny)

Don't you see how I fight it

Trying to hide from a life of real pain
Maybe time has allowed it
Feeling the feel when I'm hearing your name

Cos you decide how I survive
Do you realise inside oh
Just how much it's killing me

I'm just caught in the middle of you

Play my heart with a little bit of
Dangerous love
And I really want to be free

Got me caught and I'm living in a low life world
It's your unoriginality that's killing me
I've just got to be free

Now tell me what you want from me
Again and again you pretend it's alright

I'm feeling now that I can breathe

Can't comprehend how you can't recognise

Cos time can't change the way I feel

And you will find that I'm gonna be
More than you'll ever let me be

Repeat Chorus

Free to disown you

Cos I thought that I told you
You been treating me badly
And you misappreciate my love

I'm trying to breathe
But it's killing me slowly
And you started to break me

With your dangerous love

Got to

Got to be fee (repeat x4)

Repeat Chorus To Fade

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