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WILL DOWNING : Almost Like Being In Love lyrics

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WILL DOWNING lyrics : "Almost Like Being In Love"

I'm smiling, my friends say I'm loosing my mind. But it feels like I'm walking
on sunshine, since she's come into my life.
I call her, five or six times in one day, for nothing at all not much to say.

Just to let her know she's on my mind.

*The feeling I feel I don't quite understand. I lose my mind at the touch of her

hand. To talk on the phone isn't really enough, I guess that its almost like
being in love, in love.

I'm floating, doing strange things with out knowing. Don't know if I'm coming or
going. Feels like I'm turning inside. I can't eat, and when I close my eyes I
don't sleep. Been dreaming of places we can meet, maybe under the moon and the





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