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Wild Light lyrics : "Surf Generation"

C'mon Eliza, we've got nothing left to lose
We're still young, but we know how to sing the blues
There's a world of heartbreak outside, and I want to be a part of it

So drag me down the road.

This old town, all sleepin' in our heads

Could Jesus Christ have ever raised these dead?
Is there a miracle? Is there some tragedy?
You know I'd believe if either one could carry me away.

We'll throw our sleeping bags in the backseat of the car
Because I'm too tired to even lift up my guitar

All the days pilin' up on the scale,
trying to become what they already are
I'll clear an open way

(We found some blueprints
Appalachian Surfboard

A King James Bible
And pennies from the war)

I'll clear an open way...

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