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Wild Light lyrics : "Call Home"

Is this glass full of water or is it full of light
You can never walk by a mirror without looking at yourself twice
Your whole life has been shaped by what you saw in the back of a hand

You used to be a hungry boy but the law turned you into a decent sort of man
Go and get your things now, we're going for a ride
I see the arrow in my path and I know this has gotta be a sign

It didn't take much no it never took much to get out
Just your daddy's turn key and the engine fire burned every wire down
Now the moon light lights up all of the dirty back roads

Past the graveyard family plot where everyone I know goes
Drive away from the sounds of the place in the town where he lives
I was swinging blind tryin' to find a way out of hell with my fists

You put your hand on my shoulder it was nothing to me 'cept dead weight
'Cause I ain't never gonna turn around I'd rather make the whole world pay
Do you wanna be one of the other reconciled down in the earth

To poison the fields and the soil and the trees in the dirt

Oh oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh oh

You hear a name in the noise at a party it was somebody you know

Your sister singing for an audience of one on the radio
Call home, call home if you ever have any doubts
You're just a hitchhike highway ghost ridin' your ways from town to town

Call home, call home, I'm looking for a quarter and a payphone
Call home, call home, you've got a long way to go
I am a long way from home

You've got a long way to go
We are a long way from home

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