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WIDESPREAD PANIC lyrics : "time zones"

Time zones
It doesn't matter where you go or how you wiggle and squirm
We're in a maze, baby

All alone
What doesn't kill you has a momma's way of

Helping ya learn

Blast off!

Five, four, three, baby 'bout to
Push it through

It's a payoff
You can tell cause

Don't tow it away
We'll all be back tomorrow
After today

We'll all come back tomorrow.

Pit stop

We're in the middle, everybody's learnin' to breathe
Leavin' like an


Leaves you shakin' but at least we're not
Shakin' alone

Angel bright, life and death
Up the road gonna salt my bread
Angels fly around my head

All gatherin' at the foot of my bed
Don't believe the lies they said
Keep it simple around

Hot steam
We're in the middle and baby that's a

Beautiful thing

Don't kill the

Mockingbird, who's really just
Learning to sing

Don't tow it away

Angel bright, life and death

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