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WHO lyrics : "Dr. Jimmy"

[Including John's theme, Is It Me?]
Laugh and say I'm green
I've seen things you'll never see.

Talk behind my back
But I'm off the beaten track.
I'll take on anyone

Ain't scared of a bloody nose,
Drink till I drop down
With one eye on my clothes.

What is it? I'll take it.
Who is she? I'll rape it.

Got a bet there? I'll meet it.
Getting High? You can't beat it.

Doctor Jimmy and mister Jim
When I'm pilled you don't notice him,
He only comes out when I drink my gin.

You say she's a virgin.
I'm gonna be the first in.

Her fellah's gonna kill me?
Oh $#[email protected] will he.
I'm seeing double

But don't miss me if you can.
There's gonna be trouble
When she choses her man.

What is it? [etc.]

Doctor Jimmy and mister Jim etc.
Is it me? For a moment
The stars are falling.

The heat is rising
The past is calling.

I'm going back soon
Home to get the baboon.
Who cut up my eye,

Messed up my Levis.
I'm feeling restless
Bring another score around

Maybe something stronger
Could really hold me down.

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