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WHITECHAPEL lyrics : "Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation"

Raping her and hacking. Slashing. Violated.
I'm not sorry. I don't care at all for what I did
You deserve everything you get

Disinclined. Her fear is keeping me enticed
Her gateway of sin exposed for fornication
Get over your dysphagia

I see the moisture in your eyes is dehydrating
Your screaming vibrations
Only draw me nigh to rupturing climax

As she chokes and gargles spit
I amputate her salty !@$%oris
Cutting incisions while reaching climax

How can you expect me to let up
You deserve it
Give me your tongue

I want to leave you an eternal taste of me
Let them know in hell
Why fight. You'll just rue the day

That you try to escape the conscience of the dead
Hold your throat and pray for help
Take this oath to the grave and never let it out

Look in these eyes and endure the sleep you'll need
Before you awake to nothing
$#&@ed and left for dead

This is war. Fight
I am bored. But fulfilled
Please if you don't mind fulfill my passion

Gagging on my !@&( is required. Swallow
Spread it on your face
Choke on the snot and reingest all of the foam

Take one final breath
I want to see what you have learned
And what you stand for

Choking and dryheaving

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