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Eyes are glaring red with a conscious set to kill
Nostrils flared and the eyebrows parallel
Thriving on the chaos and the suffering i have caused on you all

A dispute of man and diabolical beasts
How could one cipher such a malevolent being
I am certain of humanity's demise

Man will inspire the words of a new era of corruption
Now that i can control the orifice of mankind
I gladly inform, you're all in a world of %#@!

Coprophagia would be the only solution
Open your $%&^$%&^x mouth and ingest what you are
Silent you will remain while i invoke my presence on your world

Urges i must satisfy again and again
Inside a shell festering is the mind of a [email protected]$( child
Cover the earth with the blood of this lamb

We are the disease that spreads amongst this filthy race
Collect the dust of the ones who have fallen to the lies
It is your last resort to a wretched memory

Take this life for granted and hold it tight
For we have you all under control because
We are the disease

Man will inspire the words of a new era of corruption
God damn you all

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