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WHITECHAPEL lyrics : "Eternal Refuge"

My eyes are slowly dilating pure white
Skin stretched as if about to tear
There´s a wretched stench of rotting limbs

Erect I am from this smell
Pain please end the pain
I submit to whoever is causing this pain

In a sense I enjoy the agony
Subconsciously I am aroused
By now I should be $#&@ing dead

But these sacred grounds I still tread
Never underestimate immortality
My memory is slowly wallowing back

I have the power of possession in my hands
Becoming stronger every step that I take
I will destroy what has done this to me

Human scum will abide by my words
This planet is doomed
Pray for a savior to liberate your kind

Beg for peace
It will expire
I am here

To seal your $#&@ing fate
Scum of the earth
You´re all a $#&@ing waste of life

No heretic will stop what is invincible
How could I thank you for your time
My name will forever live inside those who appreciate

The absence of light and suffering
I $$#ure everything isn´t what it seems to be
$#&@ your faith

$#&@ your kind
$#&@ your ways
$#&@ your world

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