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WHITECHAPEL lyrics : "Ear To Ear"

Screeching mephitic sacrilege. Manifesting
Raping your incoherent mind from afar
Holding your stiff hand below my waist I will begin to ravish you

Symbolic pride against your skin marking eternal branding
Pulling out the tools the operation beings
Melting the skin to climax again

Fornicated !@^% of the past-tense
Shall experience articula mortis
How innocent this scheme of murder

How I redeem my prize of faith and infamy is not your place
I shall remember this for I live again
Necromaniac pursuing dreams of liquid suffocation

Your neck is smiling at me ear to $#&@ing ear
The trachea exposed. Pulsing hemoglobin entities at me
Your neck is smiling ear to $#&@ing ear

The gurgling of gore. The sound of splitting
Hide. The grinding of the bones
Ear to $#&@ing ear

The verdict isn't met until you're dead
Ear to $#&@ing ear

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